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Project Ideas for Electronics / EXTC Engineering

TITLE : Rolling Code Security for Remote Control


Remote controls can be hacked. Especially the ones that use RF with out any encoding schemes can be hacked very easily. Keyless entry for cars, garage doors etc are the ones which are more venerable to attack. Attackers use custom made handsets which mimick the frequency of the original handset to get the attack done. Rolling code security mechanisms are used to protect wireless remotes from such attacks.


The idea is to use a synchronised code. The transmitter and receiver agrees on a particular code for the next transmission. If only that matches in the next transmission will it be accepted. After every successful transmission the code is changed by either the transmitter or the receiver and is then synchronized. In this method no other handset can communicate with the receiver with out knowing the code. The only draw back of this system is that only one handset can be used.



TITLE : Global Positioning of Robot Manipulators


The existing controllers for robot manipulators with uncertain gravitational force can globally stabilize only robot manipulators with revolute joints. The main obstacles to the global stabilization of robot manipulators with mixed revolute and prismatic joints are unboundedness of the inertia matrix and the Jacobian of the gravity vector.

In this note, a class of globally stable controllers for robot manipulators with mixed revolute and prismatic joints is proposed. The global asymptotic stabilization is achieved by adding a nonlinear proportional and derivative term to the linear proportional–integral-derivative (PID) controller.

By using Lyapunov's direct method, the explicit conditions on the controller parameters to ensure global asymptotic stability are obtained.

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